Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sour for the pregnant ones

(this was written last year, when Chef Saithong was pregnant)

Why does everyone think pregnant ladies want to eat sour food? I recently got to find out as I finished my first trimester of my own pregnancy. Yes, your very own Chef Saithong is pregnant (these things happen even to Chefs!) But the first 3 months I never felt any of this sour urge. Now though, things have changed.

Suddently as I hear people talk about pregnant women eting sour food, my mouth is full of saliva. So I walked around my home garden, and looked at all the fruit trees that my husband had planted for us years ago. The little furry neighbors must have stolen all the apricots from one tree, but our old plum tree was full. The plums were half red, half green, but I couldn't wait for it to ripen...I grabbed one! It was sweet and sour. I thought, hey, this is perfect to eat with Prik Klua. The unripe fruit with Prik Klua helps to wake me up now.

In Thailand, Prik Klua is a popular tangy dipping sauce. You can dip many kinds of fruit or veggies in it, like tomato, green mango, lemon, lemon, lime, strawberry, apple and even guava. The dipping sauce is easy to make, here's how to make the Prik Klua:

Salt 1 teaspoon
Sugar 2 teaspoon
Crushed chili - 1 teaspoon

Crush well with a mortar and pastel, and your dipping sauce is ready. Eat with your favorite fruit or veggie!

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