Sunday, June 28, 2009

Growing your own lemongrass

All us Thai cooks know that Lemongrass is an essential ingredient to many dishes. But why keep running to the store to buy it. You can easily grow fresh lemongrass at home without using up much space.

In California, I grow my own Lemongrass in both pots of soil and straight in the ground in my front yard (that way I just lean over from my kitchen, open the front door, and grab a few!)

Is it really that easy? Yea, try it out! First you have to buy lemongrass at grocery store or farmer market. Then put lemongrass in a vase or jar, add water to about 4-5 inches, and keep checking the water in the vast. Make sure your lemongrass never dries out because of no water.

For a few months you will see white roots grow from the bottom of the lemongrass, wait until the roots get longer and become brown in color. At this time your lemongrass is ready to be planted in a pot with mixed soil or in your garden. Don't forget to give water everyday and put it in the place that is full of sun. Summer is the best time for lemongrass to grow and multiply.

Try it out and you'll have fresh lemongrass to cook with! Let me know how it goes.

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