Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holiday Feasts, Celebrations and Dessert

Thailand is nicknamed “The Land of Smiles” because of the gentle and welcoming behavior exhibited by those who live there. With the incredible beauty of the beaches, amazing culture and historical landmarks, the people who live in Thailand have plenty to smile about.

This week marks a National holiday in Thailand and many other countries across the globe.

May 1 is National Labour Day, which honors the importance of workers in Thailand and honors the contributions they have made to their country. On this particular day, the government allows all employees the day off work to celebrate the holiday. When you are heading off to work on Friday, think of the people of Thailand enjoying their three day weekend giving them one more thing to smile about.

Holidays are celebrated in Thailand with feasts and banquets. Some of the food provided at the banquets may hold a symbolic meaning. Small pieces of food that have a thin layer of egg or noodles wrapped around them are commonly known as “golden threads.” Golden threads are believed to bring wealth and good luck. Generally in Thailand, fruit is served as dessert following a meal, a very healthy choice for the waistband, but during a special occasion, sweeter desserts are served, usually cakes or liquid desserts, such as bananas in coconut milk. Try Chef Saithong's appetizer and dessert class to learn how to make some delicious Thai desserts for your own celebrations.

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