Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Tooth?

Do you have a taste for dessert? Have you taken a few of my classes and are now looking for the perfect way to top off that authentic Thai meal? Consider taking my appetizer and dessert class! You’ll learn the perfect way to kick off and the best way to end a true Thai meal!

Traditionally most Thai desserts are made with three primary ingredients. Flour, sugar and coconut dominate most Thai desserts and have for centuries. Eggs were later introduced to the Thai people by Portuguese traders. In addition to the three main ingredients, desserts can also include fresh fruit, rice flour and palm sugar. Thai chefs embrace the use of fresh herbs and plants and utilize this in coloring their desserts. Most coloring comes from edible flowers. It is also popular to soak jasmine and other flowers in water to create a sort of scented syrup to use in desserts. Imagine the sweet smell of fresh herbs and flowers infused into your after dinner treat.

Three desserts are taught in my appetizer and dessert class including, Miang Come, translated as roasted coconut in a leaf, which can be considered both dessert and an appetizer, Mango on Sticky Rice, and Kluai Buat Chi which is translated as banana in coconut milk.

Come and join us in making desserts! Trust me, it will turn an amazing meal into a spectacular feast.

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Chef Saithong
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