Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Have you picked out the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the special woman in your life?

I highly recommend buying a gift certificate from Yummy Thai Cooking for Mother’s Day. It’s not too late, we can scan the gift certificate over to you, and mom is sure to enjoy learning how to make a wide variety of Thai favorites and some new recipes too! And if mom learns how to create delicious Thai dishes, the whole family will benefit around the dinner table.

Another gift option is to purchase mom a gift certificate for the mother and child cooking class that I offer. Studies have shown that the best way to get a picky eater interested in food and eating is to involve them in the meal preparation process. If you are tired of cooking the same old macaroni and cheese from the blue box, this is the class for you. The class lasts about two hours in length and is reasonably priced at $45. Children learn about the safe and responsible use of kitchen tools while assisting mom in preparing a meal that you can take home and enjoy with your whole family after class. Recipes and kitchen skills are angled towards the age and maturity level of the children enrolled in the class.

Don’t buy mom a gift that requires a plug! Send her over to take a class with us at Yummy Thai Cooking, you’ll be happy you did.

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