Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yummy Black Bean Sauce

Does your mouth begin to water when you think about delicious food like Pad See Ew, Thai Stir Fry or Spring Rolls with dipping sauce? A key ingredient to create that perfect blend of spicy and sweet is black bean sauce. Knowing when and how to use it is an important part of Thai cooking.

If you are using fermented black beans, a popular technique is to mash them and combine with ginger and garlic. This can be added to the heated oil before you begin a stir fry, or you can create your own sauce to pour over a freshly cooked meal. It can also serve as a fantastic sweet-and-salty dipping sauce for spring rolls.

Using black bean sauce is also a great way to regulate the saltiness of your dish. If it needs more flavor, add a little more sauce. If its too salty, add some lime juice instead.

I will teach you all the best secrets of how to use black bean sauce in my Thai Noodles & Rice class-- come join us!

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